Karma Nabulsi

Professor Karma Nabulsi teaches at the University Oxford, and researches and writes on 18th and 19th century political thought, and the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. She directed a civic mobilisation run by Palestinian refugees in 24 counties from 2003-6, and the civic voter registration drive for elections to the PNC, the parliament-in-exile of the Palestinian people, from 2011-2015.

She recently launched ‘The Palestinian Revolution’, an open acess Arabic-English digital teaching and research resource, co-curated and co-edited with Professor A. R. Takriti. Sponsored by the British Academy, it involved scholars, universities, and museums across the global South specialising in anti-colonial and revolutionary histories.

Karma is chair of trustees and co-founder of the HOPING Foundation, which raises awareness for Palestinian refugees, and sponsors art, music, scholarships, and education for young Palestinians in refugee camps across the Middle East.