Dolores Dorantes

Dolores Dorantes is Mexican, living in exile in the United States. She is an Acharya of Buddhist tradition. She founded the organization Cielo Portátil (for free education) and is a journalist and writer. Her most recent books are Style (2016) and Intervene (2015). She’s worked on a range of collaborative writing projects with Rodrigo Flores Sánchez, Anthony McCann, Juan Manuel Portillo and Ben Ehrenreich. She promotes autobiographical writing, mobile bookstores, and personalized poetry readings in unexpected public spaces. She is currently working on a documentary-autobiographical book titled Estructura, a performance titled Prema, and a documentary film titled Global. Her socio-cultural crónicas and political-social reflections, as well as the majority of her books, are part of the commons at: She believes in a United Latin America.