Lina Attalah

Lina Attalah is a Cairo-based journalist and is the co-founder and editor of Mada Masr, an Egypt-based independent news website. She was also the editor of Egypt Independent, an English language media publication also centered on Egypt’s politics, society and culture. In both outlets, she pursued questions of borders, mobility and conflict and interrogated particularly issues of Palestinian solidarity and Arab transnationalism. In 2011, she took part in a freedom flotilla aimed at breaking the siege on Gaza and in 2013, she accessed Gaza for the first time after many failed attempts, taking part in PalFest’s chapter of activities there. Also in 2011, she covered the early days of the Syrian revolution from Aleppo and in 2013, visited Teheran on assignment for the Guardian on surviving decades after a revolution. Before that, she was based in Darfur, Sudan, where she led an informational radio program for local communities produced by the BBC. At the American University in Cairo, where she pursued her BA, she was part of Cairo To Camps, a students solidarity movement with Palestinian refugees, which traveled to camps in Lebanon and Jordan, besides working with Palestinian communities in Egypt on a series of self-expression workshops with youth. She has been part of a number of artistic research-based projects on themes of intellectual history, maritime/desert (non) spaces, technology and alternative learning.