Ricardo Cavolo

Ricardo Cavolo (Salamanca, 1982) is one of the most international Spanish artists. He has exhibited in galleries in London, Madrid, Montreal, Barcelona and Porto. He has also worked on several advertising campaigns and for brands such as Gucci, Apple, Zara, Alexander McQueen, Starbucks, Bally, and Nike as well as on record covers and sleeves for music labels. As an illustrator he has published several books and a graphic novel with publishing houses such as Nobrow (UK & US), Lunwerg (Spain), Two Dollar Radio (US), Límina (Italy). Ricardo has participated with his murals in festivals like Mural (Canada), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Cut Out Fest (Mexico) or MULAFEST (Spain), as well as working with Futbol Club Barcelona and has created murals for Urban Outfitters, Cirque du Soleil and YUL Project (Montreal’s airport) and many more cities as, London, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Cologne and Madrid.