Of Sapphire’s work in general Poets & Writers Magazine has said, “Few literary works today are as affecting as [Sapphire’s] or have had as much impact on our society.” Sapphire is the author of two collections of poetry, American Dreams and Black Wings & Blind Angels. She is the author of the bestselling novel Push—the inspiration for the Academy Award winning movie “Precious”. Sapphire’s spoken word abilities are most prominently displayed in the audio book recording she made of the great June Jordan’s first novel, His Own Where. Sapphire has performed her own work around the world at venues such as Apples & Snakes in London, Litteraturwerkstatt in Berlin, and the legendary Nuyorican poets Café in New York City. Sapphire’s most recent work published in 2011 is a novel, The Kid. A New York Times bestseller it explores transgressive sexuality and the life of a child orphaned by AIDS and possessed of an extraordinary will to survive.