Sheikha Helawy

Sheikha Helawy is a Bedouin woman living in Jaffa, originally writing in Arabic.

Helawy was born in the unmarked Bedouin village of  El-Roi, on the outskirts of the city of Haifa. Her village was destroyed in 1990 by the Israeli government. She holds a BA and MA from Tel Aviv University, and currently works as a supervisor and advisor at the Institute for Democratic Education in East Jerusalem. Her Arabic-language publications, published in Amman, Jordan, include three books of short stories, The Ladies of Twilight 2015 (Sayidat El-Atma), and Windows are Spoiled Books 2016 (Alnawafith Kuttub Radiea),The Order C345 2018

as well as a book of poetry: Outside the Seasons I Learned to Fly (Kharij Al-Foosul Ta’alamtu Attayaran). Her poetry has also recently appeared in Consequence Magazine and in Boston Review and Billingham Review.

Recently, Helawy participated in the poetry “The Prettiest Woman in The City” festival, and also the “Prophecy in Literature & Arts” convention in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Her works have been translated to English, German, French and Bulgarian.