Tareq Abboushi

Tareq Abboushi graduated from William Paterson University with a B.M. in Jazz Piano Performance. He began playing the buzuq in1997, starting at the National Conservatory of Music in Palestine. He performed with such notable musicians as Simon Shaheen,Omar Farouk Tekbilek, and Grammy-Award-Winner Dan Zanes in the USA, Canada, the Middle East, and Europe. His teaching profile includes lecture demonstrations at Columbia University, NYU, Juilliard, and Agder University- Norway (2008-2009) among others. He composed and performed music for a few award-winning films. He has recently come back to Palestine after living in New York for 10 years where he has been performing with his Band Shusmo. He currently lives and performs in Ramallah and teaches at The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.He was presented as ‘’Artist of the month’ in This Week in Palestine, March 2013