The Ubiquity of Spatial Inequality / the Case of Haifa and Wadi Salib

Friday April 12th, 6pm

Haifa: Arab Culture Association, 14 Y.L. Peretz St, Haifa

Bashar Murkus
Mahdi Sabbagh

What does spatial inequality look like? How can we understand architecture as a lens through which to identify and combat inequality?

Urban divides, the spatial-architectural evidence for inequality, are increasingly seen everywhere. Often, the prosperity of one can mean the destruction of others. This occurs in subtle even invisible ways, and often Urban Divides become tools to cement inequality into the built environment.

PalFest 2019 co-curator, Mahdi Sabbagh, will discuss his recent work on Perspecta 50: Urban Divides, in which authors studied global case studies for how communities perpetuate, cope with and resist Urban Divides. Examples such as Johannesburg, Detroit, Belfast, and Jerusalem show the ubiquity of Urban Divides. The city of Haifa can also be seen through this lens and this talk will aim to draw links between global patterns of inequality and local spatial-political dynamics in Haifa.